Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend vs Work Wardrobes

How has everyones week been so far? Mine has been extremely busy! Between work, gym, and other various commitments I have been flat out! The other night, I was lucky enough to go see a friends band play at a local pub! They were actually quite good, and very entertaining to watch!

As the venue was quite low key and grungy, and it was a cold night, I channelled my inner uni student and dressed quite casually, in jeans and a knit. I've never been a band tshirt kinda gal! :)

Here is a Quick snapshot of what I wore:
band outfit

What do you guys wear to gigs? So hard to dress for: not exactly the ideal platform for that Prada bag!

Why is it that celebrities always look so put together at gigs! I wish I had that effortlessly cool look that they manage to nail, looking like they just rolled out of bed and woke up like a rock god. Those Bitches!

In other news, this is what I wore to work today:

As you can see, my work wardrobe style and my weekend casual style is vastly different!

What do you wear to gigs? Let me know your ideal gig outfit below!

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