Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 Current Trends

Lately I have been on a savings plan, which has meant that I have been trying very hard not to spend as much money on clothing and accessories, and instead reworking items I have in my wardrobe, trying to wear them in different ways and with different accessories.

I went window shopping today, and noticed some new trends out that I think would fit perfectly into my wardobe! Must not spend though, so I've come home to sleep on it, and If I still think they would fit in after the initial excitement has worn off, I may just go back and buy!

TREND 1: Coated Black Jeans.
These jeans are everywhere: in every chain store, department store, and boutique alike! They are a great twist on basic black denim, and are a little bit fancy, great for dressing up casual tops, but also for wearing out at night! These jeans are a great inbetween for those not brave enough to try leather pants or wet look leggings, but still with a touch of shine, to help channel that inner rockstar.
Coated Jeans

TREND 2: Pastels.
This trend is everywhere overseas at the moment, and slowly creeping into stores over here as well. Pastels are a light and breezy spring and summer alternative to the heavier colours we have had in fashion this current winter. Block colours, florals, and other prints alike all revel in pastel.

Metallics never date, and add that touch of dressiness to any outfit. Great for nighttime, but now also for day time with many knits and tops sparking with wool weave in metallic threads.

Recently seen on Alexander Wang catwalks, dalmation print is a sure fire trend to seep into our wardrobes also. Channel your inner Cruella de Vil and wear splashings of dalmation with basic cuts and colours.

Everyone should own a pair of classic ankle boots this winter, keeping feet warm for even the coldest days. Choose from casual or dressy pairs with low, high or wedge heels, in neutral colours, embellished with buckles, studs, decorative stitching, etc.

What are your favourite trends for this winter, and the upcoming spring/summer season? Share below!

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