Monday, April 16, 2012

Trench Coat Fever

Went into Zara today with some friends "just for a quick look", as one of them had never been before and was keen to check it out after all the hype. As usual, couldn't help myself and possibly picked up the most perfect trench in the world (second to Burberry of course!).

This trench is the perfect colour too- neutral!
Classic shapes create a great silhouette! Looks great from the back too!

From the rack to my wardrobe- this piece will surely get heaps of wear!

I've been on the hunt for a trench like this for a couple of years now- but the colour/ fit/buttons/length/price was never quite right. I think I am just Too Fussy! This trench is the closest I have come to meeting all the criteria, and hopefully I won't find a better one now otherwise I will cry!

I think the trench is one of those versatile pieces that can be worn with anything. I think I will be channeling my inner french lady, with breton striped top, blue jeans, black ballet flats and oversized sunglasses. The trench is also great for work over pencil skirts, shift dresses, and cigarette pants. Perhaps you may even surprise your husband with super high heels, a trench, and a little lacy somethin' somethin' underneath ;)


The celebs are fan of trench coats too. They all seem to be styling them very simply, and letting the trench be the star of the outfit and speak for itself. Jessica, Gwen, and Camille have all jumped on the bandwagon.

Kate Middleton adds a touch of regal elegance to hers with a little frill at the bottom.

Charlize, Demi, Kate, Hayden, Maggie, J-Lo (nearly wrote Jwow hehe!) and Kate all don their trenchcoats in neutral too.

Emma Watson, the face of Burburry, wears their trenches expertly. Loving that studded arm one! Maybe the next trend is matching your trench to your hand bag? Studs galore!

Mary Kate Olsen doing her best bag lady impression looks stunning in this oversized trench.

When Victoria Beckham wears a trench, you know that it is in the height of fashion :)

And of course, when you see Miss Piggy wearing one....well, you know you simply MUST buy one! ;) (I think she does it better than the celebs!)

Do you own a trench? How do you style it! I would love to hear some suggestions!

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sothisisglamour said...

That trench coat is gorgeous, love it! I need a slightly more 'casual' one, as both my black and beige ones are satin.

Miss Piggy certainly does do that trench well, haha!