Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Winter Wishlist!

Despite all the lovely warm and sunny weather that Melbourne is getting right now, I still have Winter fashion on the brain! I have been browsing the chain store websites this week to see what the stores are peddling, and have found some gorgeous pieces that I might have to go in and try on.

I think about 3/4 of my current wardrobe is probably from high street chain stores, and places like Myers and David Jones. 15% is from little independent boutiques, and the remaining 5% from online stores. The few rare designer pieces I own don't count as this would be less than 1%!

Anyway, heres a quick wrap up of some fast fashion that I'm craving:

Saba Houndstooth Skirt. I love this! The metallic makes it dressier for night time, and it looks great just with plain black tops and tights. Having said that, I dont know what else I could wear this with.

Saba red dress. Gorgeous!!!! This deep cranberry hue is so seductive! Would be a killer first date outfit ;)
Saba bag. I quite like this! I have a feeling this is a designer imitation/inspiration piece, but can't picture which one exactly. The pony hair makes it a bit more visually interesting texture wise.

Forever new chain knit! I will definitely be going to try this one on! I love a good grey knit, and this one again has metallic through it for a more dressy look. Black skinny jeans and a scarf and this jumper will shine!

David lawrence top. Great for work with a pencil skirt or pants, the colour again is strong and vibrant. Orange to me is such a power colour, it screams "Don't Mess With Me!"

Marcs leopard ballet flats! I love these for knocking around on casual days, great with a pair of jeans and a slouchy top. Even better if the outfit is monochrome, then these babies will really pop!

David Lawrence trench. Love a good trench. Enough Said.

Love a good trench in Blue even more.

I have been umming and ahhing over this Rebecca Minkoff MAC for ageeesss. Should I just bite the bullet and BUY IT?

This Nicholas Dress is stunning. If you have a spare $530 please wire into my bank account.

So thats my chain store wish list for this week. Which pieces do you like? Which ones do you think I should buy? Which ones would YOU buy? Comment Below!

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sothisisglamour said...

I saw this post yesterday, and it made me laugh, because I did my own version of my wishlist on the same day!

I am in love with the Saba bag, Forever New knit and David Lawrence tee. Buy them all! Haha.