Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Little Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe!

So this weekend I spent an hour cleaning out my shoe collection and polishing up all my shoes. I am fussy about keeping all my shoes in order, so hence all my shoes live in their original boxes, which means they are labelled with their style names, colour, and a picture on the front of the box so I can keep track of what is lurking inside.

All my shoeboxes used to live in one single Ikea bookshelf which was bought especially for storage of shoes, however my collection has amassed to such a point that in addition to an entire bookshelf, they also reside in my wardrobe, under the bed, stacked up the side of the wardrobe, and also in the spare room!

I actually do wear all of my shoes quite regularly, and if I know I haven't worn a pair for a couple of weeks, then they get some special attention and an outing haha! All of my shoes are still in excellent condition despite being worn a few times each, and I think that this can be attributed to consistent maintenance and care :) Nothing worse than seeing a great outfit with old worn shoes in my opinion! Shoes are that final touch that can make or break the outfit!

I got sick of cleaning, so the other half of the collection will be photographed later on!

So, while I had half of my shoes out, I took a photo! I can't believe I have so many! This is only HALF! The thing is, every single pair is different! Different heel heights, heel shapes, platform hidden/outer/no platform/platform height, colour, decorations etc. Argh! Now I know why I'm always broke! It's a bit like that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie figures out she could have paid an apartment deposit with the cost of her shoes. I don't think that I would have spent quite that amount, but I definitely could have gone on a few holidays! At the very least, maybe I could start an insurance policy in case anyone ever robbed my closet?! Becuase, yknow, thieves would go for the shoes before the TV or the laptop.....

The Wizard of Oz had it spot on, even all the way back then...

Part of me thinks maybe I should sell some of the shoes that I don't love as much, or maybe the older fashion-wise styles. I can't bear the thought of parting with my babies! No point in selling shoes I still wear right? Maybe I will just restrict myself from buying MORE shoes. Yeah, that sounds like a good start! Now lets just see whether this will hold up in practice....!

So Tell Me:

* How many Pairs of Shoes do you own?
* Do you have a thing for a certain type of shoe? (Clearly from my photo I like black shoes....)
* How do you store your shoes?
* Would you buy second hand shoes? Do people do this?

This Christian Louboutin may very well be my dream shoe. For today at least....


Mica said...

I love the spiky CL - imagine the damage you could cause with it! haha!

Your shoe collection looks awesome!
I don't know how many shoes I have, but I have a thing for wedges and flats after my knee injury. I guess my type is flat shoes!

In case you don't see the reply on my blog, I think the mini MAC is a great size - fits the essentials of keys, wallet and phone!

Bonsai said...

I like your blog :) My shoe style is definitely flats, and especially cute loafers. Heels are so pretty, but I always find myself going for comfort.

sothisisglamour said...

Haha, I did a post about my shoes a few weeks ago! (Link here, in case you're interested ;))

I have around 50 pairs. Mostly flats, though. Your collection is beautiful!