Monday, March 12, 2012

Future Music Festival: What I Wore

This weekend was a long weekend in Melbourne, so it was a great chance to do all the things that normally take a backseat to everyday working life: lots of socializing, watching movies, baking, and of course, shopping! The weather was unusually lovely this weekend, which was great as most of my plans were indeed outdoor based!

On Saturday, I did some baking with fresh figs from our overflowing tree in the backyard. They were deliciously ripe, so I whipped up a fig tart, as well as some fig jam for future use! For mornings, we have been devouring fig and fresh ricotta on top of raisin toast, drizzled with a bit of honey, and crushed pistachio nuts sprinked on top. Becuase the tree is so full of fruit, and I hate to see such good food go to waste, our household has literally been eating figs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Fig overload right now!

This isn't my picture, but a pretty accurate replica of how ours looked (only better!). Source:

Saturday night was watching The Decendants with George Clooney (sigh!) with the girls, followed by a few cocktails at Tuscan bar, a gorgeous little rooftop bar in the heart of the city. Whilst cocktails can be slightly on the pricier side of the drinks spectrum, these ones at Tuscan bar are so delicious that even one or two are worth it! They do some lovely big jugs to share too, as well as mezze plates for nibbles.

Taken straight from their facebook page, this Limoncello Torta cocktail was absolutely divine!

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend for me, being lucky enough to have tickets to the Future Music Festival. This festival marks the end of the summer festival season for the year, and every year a group of us jump at the chance to see some great DJs and bands play live! This year was no exception, being a thorougly enjoyable day filled with some great acts. For me, the highlight was The Wombats, a little indie rock band from England. I've been a fan of theirs for years, and this was the first time I had seen them live, and they didn't disappoint at all! The crowd energy was simply amazing! Other great acts included Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, and Fatboy Slim, not to mention Holy Ghost! and eighties flashback band New Order. After the festival finished, we were still ready for more, so kicked on into the city for some more dancing!

We were somewhere right up the front, dancing about 5 rows back from the main stage! Source:

Festival fashion is often a hotly debated topic, with some girls going for comfort, some for style, some for crazy costumes, and others just to dress like S*****s. I try to go for comfort mainly, as being there all day, as well as being in the moshpits, can be more a practical issue than going for glam. Closed in shoes are essential to avoid people stepping on your feet, shorts and tshirts for hot weather, sunnies for the glare, etc. However, I saw no end to the multitide of sins, including girls in heels (umm whaaa...its a festival!), girls carrying massive bags in moshpits, and girls practically wearing no clothes at all! Below is a snapshot of what I basically wore:


Today was a perfect end to the weekend, going into the city to check out the Moomba festival parade with friends, followed by a lovely brunch by the Yarra river. Throw in some quick window shopping on the way home, and wow, what an end to a lovely weekend. I wish I had have been able to see the fireworks they are having tonight, alas, there just isn't time! I'm off for a quick catchup dinner before it's back to real life again tomorrow morning!

This little fruit salad arrangement was a favourite of mine! Loving the colourful costumes!
Source: Herald Sun Galleries

I think every weekend should be a three day weekend! What did you get up to on your weekends? Do share!


Mica said...

Great festival outfit :)

the rocker child said...

wish wish wish i could've been there!

went to soundwdave though.
stop by sometime?