Saturday, March 3, 2012

Python Heels

I'm currently obessed with snakeskin right now! So much so, that I have a snakeskin dress, snakeskin shirt, and snakeskin clutch. Therefore, it was only right to add to the Collection with a pair of fabulous snakeskin shoes! Did some shopping on the weekend and snapped up these little leather beauties from Tony Bianco. This photo does not do them justice, they are divine!

I think they are meant to be similar to the Louboutin python pumps.

At over $1000 RRP, the cost per wear for this shoe would still be $1000, as I would frame them and be too scared to wear them outside!

Now I'll be the first to admit, this was a bit of an impulse purchase. It was love at first sight. I saw them, and just had to have them! I thought at first they might be a bit hard to style into an outfit, but I think as long as I keep the rest of the palette quite neutral and the shapes simple, they'll be able to be interwoven into quite a few outfits. I think these shoes will be great for all occasions including work, casual, and evening. Definitely cheap considering cost per wear.

WORK: Sleek tailoring in corporate approriate colours, encorporating blue tones into the outfit to "match" the shoes. Keep colours in block, no prints to clash with the snakeskin.

Jacinda Shoe- Work

WEEKEND: Pairing these shoes with grey, white and black neutrals with a pop of colour to encorporate the shoes. Finish with silver minimalist accessories and a tote for a casual day look.

Jacinda- Casual

EVENING: Pairing these shoes with bright block coloured dresses in opposite tones, with patent and metal accessories in blacks, golds, and silvers.

Jacinda- Evening

The Celebrities all love a bit of snakeskin too! It seems they have all jumped on the trend, wearing a splash of snakeskin in their outfits.

Lady Gaga wows the crowd in a bright yellow Versace snakeskin dress and studded belt.

Rihanna does casual chic with a snakeprint top, chinos, and sunnies.

Queen of Fashion Kate Moss pairs her snakeskin dress with a simple blazer and black acc essories. Source :

If I was brave enough, I would totally copy this outfit below from head to toe. Those pants, goshhh!!! However, for me though, python pants is pushing the envelope a tad too far.
Krystal from This Time Tomorrow pulls it off effortlessly. She looks great!

Do you like the new snakeskin trends? Would you wear it? Comment below!

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Mica said...

Love these shoes, great purchase! They would look fab with jeans and a black top too, they would really go with so much! I like the suggested outfits you've made from them :)