Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

Lately, I have been really coveting coloured jewellery. I don't know why, as I have never worn coloured jewellery before in my life!

Colourful Earrings

I think all of these pretty images I see on the internet have been sneakily influencing my taste!
In fact, I don't even really own anything that I would be able to wear with such extravagant jewellery. Becuase the jewellery is so colourful, I think that I would have to stick to either quite neutral colour schemes in terms of clothing, or else wearing only one block colour.


I have had a penchant for coloured cocktail rings for ages, ironically. I know this goes against everything I have just written above about not wearing it, but I think inheriting one of my grandmothers bright red cocktail rings as a young girl has made it seem not so scary, as I have grown up wearing it. I can't wait to inherit my mothers lovely collection one day, and to pass it down to my own children and grandchildren! I hope they cherish and love them just as much as I do, and not see them as old and unfashionable. Who knows what the trends will be like in 30 years time!

The PERFECT cocktail ring ;) So cute!

Do you wear coloured jewellery? How do you style it? Comment below!

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Katherine said...

Love all those earrings! Gorgeous :)