Friday, February 24, 2012

Thoughtful Purchases

It's no secret that I am constantly wishing I had more clothes. No matter what occasion I'm dressing for, or how many clothes I already have in my wardrobe, I'm always wishing for that elusive must-have item that will magically transform my average outfit into the perfect outfit.

Oh Yes, this jacket would completely overhaul my wardrobe and make it PERFECT! <3

The problem lies is when most of your wardrobe becomes composed of this "magic" item that will completely change your life/outfit. Whilst these "wow" pieces are great as the standout elements of your outfit, the trouble begins when all you buy becomes those "wow" pieces.

Taylor swift doesn't heed my philosophy, buying the same dress over and over again. The poor girl needs a Little Black Dress stat!


I find I end up with nothing to wear as I have nothing basic to tone down these pieces, but also end up with a whole bunch of clothes that can't be matched with anything else. Any more than 1 (or at very most, 2) of these types of pieces just becomes too distracting and too much, and the addition of the other piece takes away some of the lustre of the first piece, and vice versa. A bit like being two actresses competing for the lead role, one will surely win/dominate.

Double 'Wow' follows the same rules as Double Denim. No matter what Chloe says, that shiz' just ain't right.

I've seen many bloggers do the Feb Fast challenge and not buying new pieces, but, hey, who am I kidding, I would totally fail at that. So instead, I'm going to try and think more carefully about the purchases that I do buy. Now obviously, as a subscriber to the More is More theory, I don't think that I will be able to cut out buying those standout pieces, and quite simply, I shouldn't, as they are still a reflection of my personal taste and personality. But, what I will do, is make sure that these pieces, and any other clothing I buy, will fit into the following rules:

1. Must fit perfectly. This is obviously important, as a perfect fit means it will be worn more often than clothes that aren't quite right.

2. Must be able to be worn with at least 5 other wardrobe items. No point in buying the most fabulous jacket in the world if you can't match it with anything else in your wardrobe and have to buy a new outfit to accomodate it.

3. Must be able to be styled into casual, dressy, and work situations. (Versatility is Key!) If a piece of clothing can transcend a few different occasions, there is a higher likelyhood of it being worn more often, rather than just waiting in the cupboard for that "ideal" occasion that never eventuates.

4. Must be able to be worn beyond one season, and at least a year. I am sick and tired of wasting money on outfits I wear once, then hate. If I can't see myself wearing it next season or next year, I shouldn't bother. Fads never last :(

5. If you don't love it immediately when you see it/try it on, leave it at the rack. Whenever in doubt, hmming and ahhhing in the changeroom, this is the clear sign that there is something about it that you arent completely sure about. Sadly, I have found that this doubt doesnt clear up once you get the piece home either. Usually, the doubt gets worse! Buyers Remorse Beware!

How I'd like to envision my wardrobe will look if I follow these guidelines. Sooo Neat, Coordinated and Tidy...

What my wardrobe will probably still look like in real life. AKA The Floordrobe, a black hole for all random clothing.

Hopefully if I consider some of these points when buying new clothing, and especially those standout pieces, that I will end up with a more interchangeable wardrobe that better fits in with what I already own, and that I will wear more often, hence reducing the need to buy more stuff.

Do you think these rules are useful? Do you have any of your own rules for new clothing purchases? Let me Know!


Mica said...

I think these are great rules! :)

I am very guilty of having many lovely pieces but very few that work together. I'm always looking for more tops I can wear, and end up coming back from shopping trips with everything but tops! I think keeping a list of what you need is great to keep you focused with shopping, but only if you follow it. I guess I'm halfway there with the list right? hehe :)

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Seriously, that jacket is SO bad ass! I don't think it would be worth the price tag because its such a unique piece but damn is it sexy!


Veronica said...

I agree with Erin, bad ass for sure!

I think you have some wise rules there missy.