Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter 2012 Knits

As we head into the Autumn-Winter 2012 season, one of my favourite go-to pieces for the weekend is a snuggly warm knit! This season I am obsessed with large oversized grandpa sweaters, cable knit sweaters, fine wool knits, and those ski-style patterned jumpers too!

Keeping in mind the ability to mix and match, to still be fashionable next winter, and to buy only things that I love, below are some of my top picks for casual jumpers. Also, apart from these factors, I also consider the ability to be machine washable crucial! I try to buy jumpers that are low on pillage (hard considering most wool will do this eventually!) and avoid those annoying mohair and angora fibres that seem to shed themselves all over every other piece of clothing that I am wearing.

Winter Knits

H M wool sweater, £20
Ymc knit shirt, $133
Crew neck sweater, $450
3 1 Phillip Lim knit sweater, $253
J Crew cable sweater, $80
A P C long sleeve shirt, $210
Kaliko grey cardigan, £45
Mint Velvet knit jacket, £79

As you can see from my little polyvore montage, a $50 jumper can be just as lovely as a $400 jumper. All of these jumpers are currently available online and with shipping options to Australia.

This winter, I am drawn to quite neutral colours in these styles, such as black, charcoal, grey, navy, camel and beige. Having said that, my favourite jumper is black and glittery gold striped. I think the frivoulous nature of it makes it my favourite :)

What are your favourite knits this winter? What knits are you planning on buying? Do Share!

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MrsB said...

I'm a knit-holic! I have so many it's not funny but I absolutely love J Crew ones, cannot wait until they start shipping here one day