Friday, February 24, 2012

Flat Shoes

When walking around the city and from place to place, sometimes a heel is not only impractical, but also very painful! I usually go for comfort in situations like this and revert to wearing some stylish yet comfortable flats.

I disagree with those girls who think that an outfit can only be dressed up with heels, sometimes a flat shoe can look just as good, if not better. Especially these days with the variety of styles on offer, from ballet flats, to loafers, to brogues.


Jimmy Choo patent leather ballet flat, $475
Jimmy choo flat, $415
Salvatore Ferragamo leather flat, £255
Born flat shoes, $95
Flat heels, $150
Flat shoes, $150
Miu miu flat, $495
Christian louboutin flat, $765
Flat heels, €68

My favourite leathers for shoes currently include snakeskins, patents, leopard leathers, and pony skins. The bonus is that these leathers last longer, dont make feet sweat and smell as much, and are generally softer than synthetic materials.

I am not a fan of brightly coloured shoes, or material flats. Plus, I can't stand the look of brogues, even though I have seen many girls look fabulous in them!

What style of flat shoe is your favourite? Do you like the new season loafer trends?

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