Friday, February 24, 2012

The Designer Bag

It seems to be the thing these days that unless you have a designer tote hanging off your arm, you are not a serious fashionista. Very easy to get sucked into that way of thinking when every celebrity has the latest IT bag (for free no doubt!)

While there is no doubt that the quality of these bags is very good, do you prefer to own one designer bag, or numerous non designer bags? Sometimes it is nice to have a few choices depending on where you're going or what size bag you need.


Bags 2

If you were buying a designer bag, would you prefer to go for the well known IT bag, or a non IT bag? I think I would prefer a non it bag, simply as it would be lesser known, and hence less likely to be subjected to imitations, plus it would last more than a season or two.

What is your current go-to handbag? How long have you owned it for? Let me Know!


Veronica said...

Hmm i think id rather own more than one IT designer bag. But it would still have to be good quality ie leather.

My go to bags are two Oroton ones. The only kind of designer bags I own. Im in my 3rd year with my first one and the second I bought mid last year. Still going strong! =]

jessica said...

I love all your chanels! So many I'm in awe :) I especially love all your branded bags! They are so cute!